2013 Hightlights

2013 was a great year with many interesting subjects and great locations! Here's a quick look back at some of the highlights.

I'm excited to do more great work together in 2014!

Correnti Cigars (for Canadian Business)
One of the oldest cigar manufacturers in the world has their factory in the heart of Toronto!


Ellen Bialystok (for University Affairs / Underline Studio)
Dr. Bialystok is psychology professor that studies how bilingualism helps slow the onset of Alzheimer's. 


Muskoka Chairs (for Cottage Life)
Winter was quickly approaching so we had to turn Toronto's chilly waterfront into a sunny cottage getaway for the cover story of Cottage Life's Summer Issue.


Weslodge (for Munge Leung)
This was such a rich space with beautiful details hiding in every corner. We could've shot there all week but had to settle for two all nighters!


BMW Art Auction
BMW and the Contact Photography Festival commissioned me and a couple of fellow photographers to create a new series of work for the annual BMW Art Auction. We were the given the keys to a new car and only asked that we shoot from inside the car looking out, while it's moving.


Fjóla Evans
A big highlight of the year was spending four months in New York City and around the US! I photographed musician Fjóla Evans in her apartment in Brooklyn.


Kumi (for Munge Leung)
While in the US I spent a few days in Las Vegas photographing some amazing restaurants. Below is Kumi, a new Japanese restaurant that takes you away from the hyper world of Vegas and surrounds you with cherry blossoms.


Joya Banerjee
In New York I also got to meet and photograph HIV / AIDS activist Joya Banerjee who helps implement health initiatives all around the world!


Christian Bök (for University Affairs / Underline Studio)
One of my most interesting subjects was Canadian poet and conceptual artist Christian Bök who is writing a poem into the DNA of a bacteria! I photographed him for the cover story of University Affairs.

1311-Christian Bok-Spread-Blog.jpg

The Well Edited Home (for Style Advisor)
I'm a big fan of design and considered homes with beautiful object, so I jumped at the chance to photograph the ultimate masculine home for the Men's Edition of Globe and Mail's Style Advisor.


The Bay Shoe Department (for Hudson's Bay)
One of the biggest jobs of the year was shooting the new shoe department at The Bay - the largest in Canada. We shot all through the night, starting as soon as all the customers had left and up until it opened the next day!


 Thank you for an amazing year!